THE CHORUS PROJECT // Festival Democracy 2.0

Who is the Chorus today? Who gets to speak? Who is being told about? Who is writing history? What changes of perspective are necessary? And how does the ancient crisis unfold anew for us in the face of the current and global crisis?
In Aeschylus, guilt follows guilt, an eternally continuing cycle. How to break it? Are we currently in a position to do so and what alliances are needed?
With „Democracy 2.0“ we question the recent history, the democratic and perhaps also undemocratic developments of the last years and take a look from their roots to a common future to be created.
All Talks + Lectures will be in English.

Und hier meine Lecture „unheard voices“

Tickets and Streaming Links via the Pathos München Website: PATHOS München / Festival Democracy 2.0

The Festival Democracy 2.0 is curated and moderated by Katja Kettner & Elsa Büsing
More information about THE CHORUS PROJECT and the „Festival Democracy 2.0“ can be found on the website of the international project:

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